Already Spammed

It didn’t take long for the trolls of the internet to find us and start spamming¬†the comments section of our first post. You have to love a comment that compliments you on the site design, eventhough it’s the default them and nothing special about it at all. Oh well, nothing posts automatically anyway so it really doesn’t make that much of a difference.

We Are All New Again!

I’ve decided it was about time to start over. I’ve been contemplating where I was going to continue my writing, and I’ve decided upon this domain as my home.

If you’ve arrived here because you followed a link to an only post, I apologize for misleading you. ¬†Once upon a time, this was a very popular domain full of this and that, but it fell dormant while I started up my new business. Now that my business is off and running, I’ve got more time to continue my writing.

Now it’s time to get this thing going and redesign the heck out of it. Although I do like the simplicity of this system, I hate the OOTB theme they give you, so we will be changing that on the double.

Just like before, please leave your comments as I’m not shy about returning the comment.